April 2023 Update

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2 min readApr 13, 2023


Hey all!

I have realised Beehive has been pretty quiet on all fronts! Part of that was because Mr Musk made it so IFTTT no longer works, so a lot of our auto tweets have been turned off 😒and I am terrible at remembering to schedule things first thing in the week.

Bombarding you with tweets is probably not a good idea anyway.

As you guys may know, Space Haters released on Switch! That is cool, it has been out for just over a month. I haven’t got the exact numbers it has done yet on there, but I am also looking at porting it to Epic Games Store… I just need to find a clear couple of days to sit and do it 😊

I am still working on our narrative title Gettting There. From a story and gameplay POV it is “complete” but it is very quiet at the moment so we are doing an audio pass. After that we will do a usability and gameplay pass to see what we can do to make it play nicer. We may release it this year, we may move it to next year. Not because it is suddenly taking longer, but more of when is the BEST time to release it, with who and on what.

I went to WASD and caught up with a few friends! It was good. I didn’t have anything to show off this year or a stall or anything (maybe next time). I played some really cool games and got beaten at Street Fighter.

I am still working on our big JRPG game as well. I am working to get a protoype up, but JRPGs are really hard to prototype as you kinda have to do everything properyl the first time with all the tooling, etc. I am cracking through it and none of it is har,d it is just a chunk of work. I am hoping I can show the rest of my gang the internal prototype soon and get everyone hyped.

Well that is all for now.

I am gonna try and do one of these every couple of months so yeah, see you soon!

Lindsay Cox — Beehive Games



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