UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite) and Beehive Games

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1 min readMar 16, 2023

UEFN is actually something that I personally I have been looking forward to. There have been a few rumblings here and there of what would be made from “Fortnite Creative” and it’s something I had heard varying info about, but the overall concept was strong.

Fortnite has a crazy large user base and the ability to get prototypes up into UEFN and get people playing them and seeing what sticks and what people are enjoying.

For me, we can use UEFN to quickly prototype ideas, get them into peoples hands and if it has legs, we can then look at doing those as full scale stand alone games, whether that is in Unreal or Unity.

We already have our launch lineup for this year and our big game we are working on and aiming for late next year, but this really helps us find stuff that you like playing and what we can bring that to the handheld devices we love like the Switch and the Steam Deck.

This is gonna be a really exciting time as it means I can basically quickly knock out a protoype once a month.

It is really exciting for me and hopefully you guys too!

Lets see what we make!

Lindsay Cox — Beehive Games



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